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recommendation from Misty Tripoli



I would love to introduce to you Nomi Kronberg. I have adored this woman since the day I met her at a Nike convention in Denmark nearly 7 years ago. Ever since then she has become one of my leading facilitators and presenters for The GROOVE Method®.  She creates an incredible GROOVE DANCEfloor™ experience for people.  She is talented, passionate, powerful and inspires people to move their bodies creatively and consciously.

I highly recommend her for any event or master class. She gives her all and leaves them wanting more.

If you would like more information or would like to contact me, you can reach me at  I am the founder of The World GROOVE Movement. A global dance movement of creativity, authenticity and connection.

Misty Tripoli
Creator of The GROOVE Method®
Founder of The World GROOVE Movement™  | Tlf.: +45 28877341 |